Antique Car Show

Well hi there Sam how's things with you
Well the wife is home sick with the flu
That's too bad hope she is better soon
Jim our trash was tipped over by a raccoon

You need an old hound instead of that fluff
My wife loves him more than me it's tough
Sam I used to drive one of these things
Drove it for years with all of it's dings

Jim cars don't last as good these years
Makes you want to break out in tears
Yep Sam these old cars were great
Nothing like todays that they now make

I am going to go fishing this weekend Jim
Wanna come along to fish or swim
Sure sounds like a good idea to me
But I have to be home in afternoon by three

Why not make it a full time day
Grandkids are coming for an overnight stay
Oh that's so great have fun with them
Well I'll see you on Saturday morning Jim

By Sharon (becuzz31@aol.com)

Antique Car Show

two ole codgers standing around
looking at the fancy car they had found
sitting on the lot all shiny and such
they started a conversation on how much
time was spent on this thing
how much did they polish and wipe out a ding

fix the flat
how about that
polish the chrome
so we can go roam
all over the town
with smiles and no frown

up the hills and down again spinning the wheels
oh gee how wonderful it feels
carefully parking this ole beautiful car
he didn't even drive it very far

I want to preserve it for evermore
Ill keep it garaged and save the lore
for my grandkids to store
after adding more

goodbye friend I gotta go
take the other vehicle and drive it real slow

By Amy (fabulousfilly@aol.com)

Two Old Men

Hello there Bill, nice to see you again
How is you lovely wife Jane
I see you have still got that old car
I bet you don't travel too far
Nice and clean, in good nick too
In fact it really looks as good as new.

Well Fred, so pleased we met
Car's as good as new, just yet
passes her test each year. Each time
That's why she is still in her prime
wife says she's looked after better than her
as she watches me polishing the leather
We don't go too far, I must admit
As I put her on show, have a permit.

Well Bill, good luck, see you soon
I have to be home for lunch before noon.

OK Fred you take care
Might see you again
At a car show, somewhere.

By Doreen Hampshire(hampshiredoreen@hotmail.com)

That Old Girl

Yep, I bought her back in the 30ís,
Right in the middle of the depression,
Man who sold Lizzie to me cried real tears,
Iíve remembered that through the years.

Many a mile she has rolled us,
Through the desert in the dark of night,
Running hot and carrying water,
That was the way, all right.

To Grandmotherís house we drove,
Year after year on our two weeks free,
(But lucky I was to have a job),
While the babes slept sound in the leather back seat.

Oh, the memories we have on those sandy trips,
Exhausted from bouncing on rough roads,
Stopping and cranking and gassing up,
Hushing the girls with a comfort stop.

I stalled her in 1940, got a Chevy í36,
But kept her like the good horse she is,
New paint, new oil, retired to show,
Come on, Iíll give you a whizz.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)

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