Pull the covers up to my nosy
Makes me feel cuddly and cozy
Bring a rose
To scent the nose
Oh such a pretty colorful posy

By Sharon (

Cozy am I

In my peppermint flannels,
A working computer,
A TV panorama.

Most everyone was cozy today,
At least that's what an empty church told,
Am I selfish to enjoy the quiet,
With half of the folks still on the road.

Overcast cozies the yellowing ground,
And the pears and redoaks are outlandishly stunning,
Quiet like the church is my little street,
While the chimneys are full time running.

I picture my neighbors just like me,
Heating up Thanksgiving leftovers,
In a cozy kitchen contented and free,
One big one to go, Christmas hovers.

By Norma (






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