First Day of Spring

On this first day of spring
the robins will sing
their own kind of tune
as they fly toward the moon

it may get a little warmer as the temperature soar
that little ole robin has a huge chore
to gather his worms out of the ground
and feed her babies to the sound
of chirping and peeping waking us up
they even wake up our pup

then the pup begins to bark
oh joy its spring lets have a lark
lets tease the cat make her hiss and howl
best watch our nose, she l get us somehow
she will pounce on that bird
then find miss muffit eating her wheys and curd
she will hide under that chair
oh no look look it that hopping hare

hares and cats and dogs and birds
all signs of spring we all have heard
the birds and bees flit about
some sounds make us want to scream and shout

alas and alack
spring is back

© By Amy (

First Day of Spring

Hello Spring how are you today
I see Palo Verde is clad in yellow blossoms
Mr. and Mrs. Quail are romancing
Easter bunnies frolic in the field

Hello Spring, little green figs on tree
Won't be long before they are ripe
Larry Lizard and family on block wall
Mockingbird serenading his love

Hello Spring the warm sun smiling
Looks like Ravens are nesting in palm tree
I saw a grackle pecking at spiders nearby
Ground squirrels making holes in hillside

Hello Spring lots of teenagers in town
Spring breakers enjoying the sun
Neighbor having some yard work done
Weeds peeking heads above ground

© By Sharon (

First Day of Spring

Spring at 10:57,
And I wear a sweater of black,
No matter for I see
The hummers coming back.

Stretched out in sunshine’s warmth,
Spring kept her promise true,
And now my winter tears can dry,
And dream of future skies of blue.

© By Norma (



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