Frost, Blankets, and Hooded Jerseys

Creeping out from under warm blankets
Jack Frost has come into the air
Summer is gone and though it is Fall
A touch of winter all are aware

Time to dig out warm jersey hoodies
And pull on thick cuddly socks
Soon it will be time for everyone
To reset all of their home's clocks

Crispy the air is in early morn
Oh how we all hate to leave bed
Think for my self I don't know about you
I'll stay nestled under covers instead

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)

Cold Snap

A hard frost during the night had put an end to the tomato crop.
Limp stalks sagged sadly against the six foot wooden stakes.
A few withered peppers dangled in what was left of the pepper row.
The pumpkins had turned soggy and the vines had turned black.

Up in the mountains, a blanket of snow covered the rocks and low-growing shrubs.
The firs were clad in gowns of a sparkly white.
Two hikers walked along a trail, headed south.
Come noontime, they would throw back their hoodies
and maybe take a break.
The cold snap had come too soon.

By MarilynLara (LaraOct7@aol.com)

Winter Says Good Morning

Jack Frost nipping may be trite to say,
That is until his nipping is at you.
One morning on a sunny day,
You wake and heís waiting for you.

First you walk out your door and shiver,
Back in you run for cover,
The weather man was wrong! And your flivver,
He blew frost all over, all over.

A hooded jersey is not enough,
You must have your blanket coat,
ďHow could this happen to me,Ē you cry?
Jack Frost just likes to gloat.

By Norma(Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)

Frost, Blankets, and Hooded Jerseys

The day so warm, shorts and tees, little difference it did make to me
I stay warm, it will not get that cold I boast to thee
up on the mountain, swimming in a tarn
to heck with all, I donít give a darn.

Before the sun begins to hide its head
clouds began to roll over top of the hill
swagger and brag, larger fire I build
couple more drinks, I am a tough man

Temperature drops, it begins to snow and the wind does blow
little pop up tent quickly gives way to the wet snow
bite my lips and I remember my blow
a hooded jersey I do don, wish I had some long pants

Crawl under the near flat tent, one blanket we had
for the four of us
Get real close, shiver and shake
like sardines we try to be

Frost and snow cover it all
me I am shaking like a trembling dog
Fire is out, wood all wet
not even any paper in our pockets

Grab it all up and start walking down
car wonít start, battery is dead
take the seat cover off the car
soon two of us have a seat cover coat.

Look back and think of that weekend
frost, snow, one blanket and a hooded jersey
bravado I learned not to spout
be a Boy Scout and that is that.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

Frost, Blankets, and Hooded Jerseys

Labor Day weekend, camping we are
lots of beer, plenty of steaks
sun screen and things like that
so hot the week, ready for that

Chide the wife and his too
taking coats and blankets too
me I have my hooded jersey
for on Labor Day, it donít get cold

Four miles up to our fishing hole
lovely small wooded tarn
sunscreen, beer having a ball
sun goes down, grill those steaks

Stars out bright a million or so
two, three comets put on a show.
Then boom clouds roll in
temperature drops like a hot rock

Try to be macho, show I am a stud
hooded jersey isnít much help
shiver and shake as into the tent we go
wife and her, at me are laughing

Learn my lesson, yes indeed
as in the spring, Memorial day we go camping
warm clothes, coat and gloves I take
not this time will I be the scapegoat?

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

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