Monster's Ball

At the top of the hill
There is a spooky house,
Very dark and dusty,
That is until midnight,
When I first heard this howl,
And overrun by mice.

I thought it was a dog,
But no, it was an owl.
Being bold, I ventured outside,
As I had been deprived of rest.
I walked through dark streets,
Past quiet houses
As if I had been possessed.
I walked up to the rusty gates,
Feeling rather dazed,
The house on the hill was all lit up,
And I was so amazed.
A ghost appeared, dragging chains,
As the doors opened and creaked,
Then I saw a vampire, cleaning his fangs
Then when I nearly freaked.
From the forest glade, some guests arrived,
Hand in hand, like a happy band,
Singing as they danced along,
From their home in Meadowland.
Cobwebs hung down everywhere
And there was dust over all the chairs.
I saw a knight in shining armour,
At the top of the stairs.
There was an awful aroma from the kitchen
And I saw witches preparing a meal.
Lizards, frogs, spiders and toads,
But for me, this did not appeal.
They were all here for a party,
And all going into the hall.
I had never seen anything like it
As I stand there, so enthralled.
I then wave them all a fond farewell,
as I turn away to leave.
They are having their Annual Monsters' Ball
But my story, no one will believe.

By Doreen Hampshire (hampshiredoreen@hotmail.com)

Halloween Night

My room turned cold,
I heard a scream
Is some-one there?
Or is it just a dream?
I see spiders’ webs
With bats that fly.
Was that a witch?
I start to cry.

The pumpkins are lit.
Ghosts arrive today.
My eyes are blood red,
They want me to play.
A skeleton and a monster,
With other creatures I've seen.
But then I just remembered
That it’s just HALLOWEEN.

By Doreen Hampshire (hampshiredoreen@hotmail.com)


Spooky sat in the window overlooking her front yard, watching birds fly in or out of a large, gnarled, oak tree. During the day she was very visible. But at night, when the lights were turned off, she blended into the darkness. Spooky was a solid black cat, with beautiful green eyes.

Spooky was never allowed out of the house unless, she was on a leash that was held in one hand of her owner. It was obvious how much she was loved. Her owner kept her well fed, well groomed, and safe.

But one Halloween, her owner put her in that back bedroom, and closed the door. Spooky hated being kept behind a closed door. Her curiosity caused her great anguish. Each time the doorbell rang, she would yowl in misery. It should have frightened the trick-or-treaters, but instead, the yowling was just the right sound for such a night. Each child that came to the door would laugh when they heard her yowl.

Spooky worked hard at trying to open the door. Finally she managed to move the doorknob just enough so that the door opened slightly. She squeezed through the opening and snuck unseen into the living room. The next time the doorbell rang and her owner opened the door, she saw the strange looking creatures and panicked. She raced out of the house. The little costumed people ran after her, trying to catch her. She was terrified.

Spooky hid behind some trash cans at a neighbor’s house until the little goblins gave up the hunt and went on their way. Spooky’s owner was frantic with worry. Spooky was so unaccustomed to being outside on her own. She was almost invisible clad in her solid black fur.

The neighbor came out to the back yard to toss some trash in the trash can. Spooky jumped out and ran between the neighbor’s legs. The neighbor screamed and Spooky ran fast back to her own porch. She hid under the porch swing, trembling as more small creatures came to her door to ask for treats. When the door opened to give out some candy, Spooky rushed back into her house, and crouched behind the paisley covered sofa. She stayed there and couldn’t be coaxed out, even with offers of her favorite tuna flavored treats.

Her owner decided not to open the door again for fear that the cat would sneak out again. She turned off the lights and made sure the house was locked up for the night. Then she brought a blanket and pillow out to the sofa and lay there to sleep. Sometime in the night, Spooky got out of her hiding spot, climbed up on the sofa and cuddled next to her owner. The next day, children passing the house, were delighted to see her in the window again, as they knew she was home safe.

By Sharon(ByGolly25@aol.com)

Icy Chills

I heard the leaves a rustling on that cold October night,
The goblins were astirring, their costumes quite the fright
The trees like eerie monsters with their bony hands outstretched
Imagination running wild, not a thing seemed too farfetched.

A scary movie on TV, two candles cast their glow
A cat or two a screeching, from where, I do not know
Husband's snore, a floorboard creak, was that a little groan?
Could feel the apprehension... Damn Halloween, alone.

And then a bang upon the door, my heart forgot to beat
Rattled to my very core, I stood on leaden feet
And there beheld, at my front door grotesque in yellow din
A creature, whose inhuman voice said to let it in

My very breath ceased to be, my heart froze in my chest
From somewhere came a heavy weight and laid upon my breast
I stumbled two steps backward, felt two hands upon my back...
And as I fainted, husband said... "It’s just your brother Jack!

By Sandy Lee(DewDot@aol.com)

Another Kind of Witch

T’was Hallowe’en Night, and
I want to fright -en
The children who come to the door.

Must find a costume,
Scare up the room,
Head I out to the store.

I bought an eye and a hat,
And the wings of a bat,
And some M & M little bags.

I’ll scare them good,
All the neighborhood,
All dressed up like a hag.

But the little children came
And caught me the same
As I looked every day they knew,

They screamed with fright,
With a terror of delight,
Grabbed candy, away they flew.

Guess I look like that,
Just a very old bat,
Scare children and cats and dogs.

No dress-up I needed,
What I wore just succeeded,
Ah, well, I’ll saw me some logs.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)

That Night Comes Again

ghosts and ghoulies seem to abound
for in an old house I do live
floors creak and doors too
wind blows through like the doors are open
three times in the last hundred years
people were killed on these premises?

Raving Maude with her carving knife
then uncle Cravits with his shotgun
followed by grandma Nellie and her little bottle
all became mad or crazy it seems
did their dirty deeds within this house
the house where I now reside

not a one did time for they did themselves in
only one did hang from their own made gallows
so when the wind blows and hollers as it blows in
noises of the others seem to all chime in
chastising and fussing they clomp around
maybe it is cause by me in my cups

love this old house, no blood stains on the floor
but those sounds nearly make me run is despair
for tomorrow night they will have a party
me and my shotgun will not tarry
so into to town I do go
sleep in a nice warm and safe jail cell?

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)


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