~ Thanksgiving 2000 ~

At five-thirty this morn,
Ma did ask of me,
Do we have anymore PAM?
So to the larder I go and
Alas the answer was no.

So after the coffee I made,
Out to the Motorhome I went.
For we both knew, some was there
And it was early morn.

And out of the courtyard I
Went and looked to the East
And oh it was neat.
There just above the horizon
Was the moon?
Just a little showing,
But the rest standing out
In silhouette.

And there were light
But dark clouds low in
The eastern sky but
There was a patch of light
Just where the sun should
Later come up.

Well I got my PAM and
After the puzzles were worked,
To the gym I did go for a workout.
And as I worked on the Stairmaster hard
I begin to think,
What does Thanksgiving mean to me?

And then as I was cooling down,
The Generals wife I saw
Working hard,
And I heard her say,
I had to get a work-out in
While the turkey baked.

And as I drove home,
As the garden center I did pass by
I looked and saw two rabbits
Scurrying about.
Then I thought more about Thanksgiving,
I thought and then this is what I came up with:

We have a new house
And it is all our own,
And no debts or bills
Do we have over our heads.
And the son and his girl friend,
And her daughter and mother too
Are coming to eat turkey with us.
And my sister also, will be here
To eat with us.
And I have been trying every since then
To figure out when we sat down to
Thanksgiving dinner together.

And the sun was shining, and
The temperature warm
As I thought about all the work.
The wife just does it and says not a word,
For there is turkey to bake, stuffing to make,
Sweet taters to fix, and
Put beans in the pot.
And a cranberry- fruit Jell-O type bowl
And homemade rolls,
Which are a delight.

And pumpkin pie, a vegetable plate,
And all the other condiments.
Well condiments are not the word
For there are pickles, and olives and
Oh you know all of the stuff.
So I think the computer I will turn off
And go into the next room,
And smell and think,
Awaiting the company to come.

(ŠtomWYO, Nov 23, 00)

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)



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