Janet, Easter Bunny, and Roadrunner

Ten year old Janet accidentally lost her ball over the fence. It rolled into a field overgrown with spring time weeds. She couldn't see it from her yard. “Mom, is it ok if I go out back and try to find my ball?”

“Yes you may, Janet. Just be watchful for rattlesnakes.”

“I'll be careful.”

Janet went through the side gate, and down a rocky path to the field. She peeked under every shrub she came to, being careful not to disturb anything in case a snake might be sleeping there. She was also careful not to touch any cacti.

She looked and she looked but could not see her ball. She came upon a nest being sat by a mother quail. “Have you seen my big blue ball?” She asked the quail mother.

“No I haven't. Now go away so you don't disturb my eggs.”

Then under some Russian Thistle, she saw bunny ears. “Who are you? “ She asked the bunny.

“I am the Easter bunny. What are you looking for?”
“I lost my big blue ball. It went over the fence and I can’t find it. Have you seen it?”

“No, but I will be glad to help you look.”

“Oh thank you. That would be so very kind.”

And so, Janet and the Easter Bunny looked all over for the ball. They looked East, they looked West. They looked North and they looked South. Suddenly they both noticed something blue. When the approached it, they saw indeed, that it was Janet’s big blue ball. But there was a problem.

Roadrunner was sitting on top of it. And She was not about to move.

“Roadrunner, you are sitting on my big blue ball. Please can I have it back.”

“Finders keepers,” Roadrunner said.

Janet began to cry. She wanted here ball, but that silly looking bird was not going to give it back.

Easter Bunny felt sad for Janet. “Come on Roadrunner. Give the little girl her ball. You don't need it.”

“I found it and I am going to keep it. I have adopted it and am going to hatch it out.”

“Stupid Roadrunner, you can't hatch out a big blue ball.”

“Why not? I am keeping it warm.”

“Because it is made of plastic. It isn't something that is alive.”

“You mean it isn't a big blue egg?”

“No, it is a child’s toy. It won't hatch like an egg.”

“But I wanted a baby to raise. I thought it was an egg. How can I get a little bird of my own?

“You need to find a boyfriend. He will help you have an egg that will hatch.”

“Oh, Ok! Here little girl. Take your blue ball.”

Janet picked up her ball and thanked both the bunny and Roadrunner and went on home. Roadrunner went off to find a boyfriend, and soon found one. Easter Bunny went around collecting pretty eggs one from this nest, and then from another, and then another, until he had a basket full. These he distributed early the next morning to each yard that had a child living there.

Everyone was very happy.


By Sharon (becuzz31@aol.com)



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