Jenna was a very lonely widow. Her children lived in other states all over the nation. She had spent Thanksgiving helping at a homeless shelter, serving food to the poor. But she had fallen on the ice and broken her ankle a week ago, and couldn't help at the shelter for Christmas.

A few neighbors stopped by to see if she needed anything, but nobody had offered for her to join them for Christmas. Phone calls just weren't the same as seeing family members in person. One morning, she saw the animal control truck patrolling the neighborhood. She wondered what it would be like to have a pet. She hadn't had one since her children were small.

One day, the lady across the road came over and asked if she needed anything. Jenna told her yes, would she be willing to drive her to the animal shelter to check out the abandoned animals. Her neighbor was glad to do it.

The two ladies dressed warmly. Jenna grabbed her crutches and her neighbor helped her to the car. They arrived at the shelter just as it opened.

Jenna hobbled around with the help of her neighbor. She looked at the cats and she looked at the dogs. One cat kept putting a paw out the cage holes to play. It was calico and quite pretty. Jenna asked if she could see it out of the cage.

So one shelter assistant told her to wait in a room where they could bring the cat too her. It was instant love between Jenna and the calico cat. She asked what was entailed in adopting it. She was told the cost, and what she would need. The cat had all it's health inspections, and was spayed. All she needed were supplies which the shelter sold right there, including a carrying case.

Her neighbor brought the car close to the door, while Jenna paid for everything. The shelter assistant put the calico cat into the carrying case and brought the cat and all its equipment out to the car. Jenna hobbled behind and got into the car.

At home, the neighbor carried everything in to the house. Jenna thanked her for the help. The calico cat wandered around her new home and made herself comfy in a rocking chair. "What to name my new cat?" Jenna wondered. She decided to call her Noel. Jenna was no longer lonely and knew she would have a very nice Christmas after all.

By Sharon


Cookies for Christmas

Aroma of cookies baking in oven
Made by the hands of someone loving
Hustle and bustle to prepare house so clean
Decorations everywhere to be seen
Invitations go out to family galore
Smiles on faces, greetings, and more
Just around the corner, Christmas is near
Everyone seems to have holiday cheer

By Sharon (

A Sound of Christmas



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