A Promise of Glory

The end of January already
What will February bring?
Snowdrops are well on their way
With spikes of daffodils for spring
I love to hear the song birds
Who sing in early March
Including the cock blackbirds
As they visit me on the porch.

Song thrushes are early nesters
But they have had lots of strife
They have suffered much casuality
But yet of course, thatís life.
Blackbirds, thrushes and robins
In February will start to sing
The tit family will twitter
Letting you know its spring
Doreen E Hampshire

© By Doreen Hampshire (hampshiredoreen@gmail.com)

Longing for Spring

Many birds are building nests in tree
Bunnies outside are frolicking
Mockingbird is singing to lady love
Bushes in desert are yellow blossoming
Spring is springing at rapid pace
Warm in afternoon yet still morning cool
Larry Lizard comes out for afternoon sun
Teenage girls and boys with amorous eye
Even a kite or two soars in the sky

© By Sharon (Becuzz31@aol.com)

Longing for Spring

Out west we do not get the typical spring
with tulips and daffodils and all green things
we get orchid trees and rosemary bush
cacti needles in your tush

we get tumbleweeds when the wind blows
and allergies galore don't you know
but when those cacti really bloom
its so beautiful it relieves all doom

mesquite trees all flower
don't forget your yardman and their mower
grass and weeds orange blossom too
all of these will make you go achoo achoo

I miss my tulips and daffodils
all growing so colorful along the rills
I miss my green sometimes still
and a robin on a windowsill

© By Amy (fabulousfilly@aol.com)



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