Mother's Day

Mama Quail is so protective
Warms her babies with her feathers
Helps them find food for to eat
Chases off the fiercest of predators
She calls her babies to her
And sometimes she sends warning
Teaches them how to use young wings
She is what a mother is meant to be

By Sharon (becuzz31@aol.com)

Mother's Legacy

“Brighten the corner where you are,”
Thy name is “Mother,”
A lady, an obsession with beauty,
As you went about your duties.

Today I felt your presence
As I in my easy chair,
Remembered how you loved to decorate,
And you did have such a flair.

Your presence loved House and Garden TV,
As together we watched a parade of homes,
And I as my mother’s daughter
Had absorbed your love, and was thus not alone.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)

My Mother

M means MOTHER who is simply the best
Y is for the YEARS of love she has given me

M is the MANY things she does for me
O means we are both growing OLD
T is the many TIMES she kissed me
H her HANDS are never cold
E is for her smiling EYES
R she REMEMBERS everything about me.

MY MOTHER two very sweet words.

By Doreen Hampshire(hampshiredoreen@hotmail.com)

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First Day of Spring

Spring Promises


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