My Little Blue Box

Ago in time I canít recall
Sitting on the floor at my motherís knee,
Admiring her tiny lovely wrist,
And the precious watch she would show me.

White gold it was and very ornate,
With a tiny sapphire on the stem to wind,
A gift, I am sure, from I donít know who,
For she wasnít the extravagant kind.

In the blue box dwells with the honored watch
A mustard seed encased in a crystal ball,
A going-away gift when I moved to D.C.
ďIf you have faith of itÖ..Ē is all.

And a tiny pin from a sorority for
Business girls Epsilon Sigma Alpha,
We served the community with laughter together,
I blush for the time spent at the VA.

There are more tiny mementos I rarely visit,
But on some odd occasion, I do,
Hard to get to that little blue box,
And I shed nostalgic tears when I do.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)

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