Nature's Blanket

Just this morning when I arose,
Out on to the deck I did go,
coffee cup in my hand,
sort of woozy from too much wine.

I did out over the Smokies look,
and oh to my big surprise,
there I saw Nature's blanket,
covering most all I could see

As I looked, at first dejected,
then the corners of my lips,
did upturn and I did smile,
for here I was above it all.

A solid white blanket, covered all,
leaving only a few visible mountain tops,
covered the beauty of those hills,
making me feel as if I were above it all.

Nature's blanket, oh what a sight
nature's blanket, oh what might,
for something to be that strong,
to cover the entire vista.

Now as it does dissipate,
as I stand, shivering in the bright sunshine,
I do goose bumps get, as I think and as I look,
God made this nature's blanket.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

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