Members of the message board were challenged to craft a poem around the title, "Opposites".


His hair is curly as can be
Hers straight as one can see
He eats at the counter standing
She sits at table but is understanding

Randy Raven is a large black bird
A small crow in corn can be heard
Mexican dove is ever so small
Ring Neck dove is bigger that's all

Someone is speeding on city street
One person drives slow and carefully sweet
One on a bicycle peddling away
Another is walking along the pathway

Danny likes foods that have salt
Sugary things makes Sally's mood exalt
Reggie only eats things that are healthy
Joseph dines in restaurants for the wealthy

Come winter some trees will stay green
Other's will be leafless for to be seen
Some vegies in winter to be grown
Other's in summer do best from seed sown

By Sharon (


Sun and Moon
Sea and sand
All these are opposites
Do you understand?

Good or Evil
love or Hate
Night and day
Don.t be late!

Summer and winter
winter gets sad
Light and day
Dark is mad.

Flesh and Bone
night and Morn
life and Death
Life when we are born

By Doreen Hampshire (


Otherwise you couldnít tell them apart,
But Betty had straight hair, and Hetty all curls,
When they grew up, they tricked all their dates,
Soon they were known as the devious girls.

Last night the rain was quite a surprise,
Lawn cushions were wet when we went to sit down,
We flopped them over a chair, went into the house,
Got some dry towels, one pink, one brown.

Drank hot coffee and read the paper,
ĎTil a cloud blew in a cold wind,
Just wasnít the morning for coffee and deck,
Now thatís what I call a sin.

Turned our thoughts to the wedding
Of some of our next of kin,
The groom was way too fat,
The bride was way too thin.

Remember the twins we talked of above,
Betty was full of hate, Hetty all love,
Now which do you think the groom did wed?
He made a mistake, and thatís enough said.

By Norma (


She dreamed of living by the sea
He dreamed of mountains high
Yet they walked together
And never questioned why...

She loved the velvet ebon sky
Where stars like diamonds shone
He loved the warmth of sunshine
And faced dawn on his own.

She loved the rhythm, loved the rhyme
of song and poetry
Sports were his weekend refuge
To set his tensions free

She loved the comfort of her home
Safe within its breast
He loved to travel far and wide-
And open spaces best

So many difference they had
...Yet confident and sure
She knew she loved him more than life
And he knew he loved her!

By Sandy Lee (


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