It is not quiet at all this weekend
Listen to the thunder loudly roar
Wind pushes rain against the window panes
While bright lightning flashes galore

Hear the children squealing across the street
Through puddles they stomp their feet
Plants lifting up in happy elation
Enjoying the watering treat

By Sharon (becuzz31@aol.com)


Quiet, shh, my baby is sleeping
I just sit looking, she is dreaming
Shh! do not wake her
Let her soundly sleep

Shh! my baby, do not be afraid
close you eyes and sleep
I will hold your tiny hand
So peace and quiet we need

Smile baby, mummies here
to hold you in her arms
I will keep you safe my baby
From every type of harm

By Doreen Hampshire (hampshiredoreen@hotmail.com)

Quiet of Early Evening

In the quiet of early Evening
Diamonds sprinkled across night sky
Moon shining down upon world's Earth
Wild animals settle down with a sigh
Crickets breaking up the silence
Twittering can be heard from near tree
Children bedding down for a good sleep
Letting dreams range their minds with glee

By Sharon(becuzz31@aol.com)

An Unscheduled Night

A balmy Indian summer sky
Beckoned me to read outside,
Though I reclined in a mellow state,
And instead began to meditate.

As time passed there was a yawn,
My good book slipped upon the lawn,
As my arm hung from my sleeping form,
The stars passed into the next morn.

Some neighbor brought me a coffee cup,
Said “Daisy” are you going to get up?
Confused and bleary eyed I found,
My unread book upon the ground.

It was all dressed in pretty colored leaves,
I shook them away, but then I sneezed,
Shuffling into the house I went,
A night under the stars well spent.

By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)

Enjoy a Fall Day

Fall has come, growing season has gone
yellow leaves falling from the trees
so now one can sit with a book
enjoy the warm fall days as a lark

grass still so bright green
sit and relax, enjoy the fall sky
watch the leaves falling from a tree
hopefully just you and me

dream of wanderlust, become engrossed
drop off and drop the book
leaves fall on it there
you awaken, look about and understand

not a sign nor omen it be
just your eyes needed to rest
look about no one there
smile, go in and make a cup of tea.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

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