Buying a Christmas Present

Going to town, going to buy
Christmas presents.
Gosh got a whole dollar-sixty-three
Plus Pa he gave me a dollar.
Wowie, two dollars plus
To buy Christmas with.
Gonna get Pa one of those
Neat pipes, like I saw in a book.
And gonna get Ma a great
Big box of powder and
A big old powder puff.
And Mary Anne, she is so big
Will get her some earrings this year.
And Little Petey, oh boy
I know what I will get him
I will, I will.
One of those bottles of bubble stuff
The kind you dip in and wave your hand
And bubbles fill the air.
And now Joe, he is my best friend,
Gonna buy Joe a Kaleidoscope.
Pa said tomorrow, which is Saturday
That early we will go to town.
So I am up at five AM
And all dressed, my chores done
And ready to go
And shucks oh golly
It has started to snow.
Man I canít wait, to get to town
With so much to
Buy Christmas things.
Boy this will be so neat,
To buy gifts for all
Them with money
Of my own.

© By Tom (


Our Christmas Tree

We seldom had a pine tree for Christmas.
Cedar trees were plentiful and that's what
Brother and I would chop and drag home.

Mother gave us red and green construction paper;
We cut the paper in strips.
We glued the strips so they formed a ring,
We hooked the rings together so they made a long chain.

We popped corn and attached the kernels to a long piece of string.
We had a few Christmas ornaments,
We had strings of lights,
We had a small silver angel for the top.

Later, when I had my own children, we bought our tree.
We bought most of the trimmings.
We bought the ornaments, the lights,
And an angel for the top.

Remember bubble lights?
We had several strings of those.
Now I have a small table tree and a few small ornaments.
I don't decorate as I once did, my daughter decorates.

In today's modern homes, you'll find Christmas trees of all colors.
Some are flocked, some are blue.
The artificial trees are pretty, but they have no smell.
I miss the smell of pine and cedar.
Their aroma is part of Christmas.

© By MarilynLara (



Snippets of the Past

My memory comes in snippets,
Here a vision, there a picture,
Curling up before the fire,
Chapped knees, drowsy eyes.

Home from the Christmas tree lot,
Daddy and Mother and me,
A full or thin Christmas tree,
According to what Daddy had in his pockets.

Fragile glass ornaments year after year,
Mother's creation of the moment,
Sometimes egg carton hand painted butterflies,
Our trees always unique and awe-full.

Waiting for parcel post
For the presents from far away,
Always a date nut round cake,
Baked by my blind grandmother.

With little girl presents from aunts,
I guess for my folks there were others,
Daddy singing Silent Night,
Mother listening to Christmas shows.

A teenager, I went caroling,
Around a piano, we would sing,
And if lucky weíd get a cup of hot chocolate,
Then freezing cold arm in arm - home.

Snippets of Christmas since Ď51
Would fill this page to the brim,
So Iíll let you off the hook right now
And say God Bless You, too, Tiny Tim.

© By Norma (



Wednesday, 6th of December

I hear the bells of Christmas
I hear them in my head,
I hear the bells of Christmas
And my attitude is changing.

I have a bigger smile,
Not so gruff am I,
I am thinking different
As the Yule season I am a feeling.

I am thinking a little different,
As into stores I do go,
I am not the season hating,
I think the Yule season I am a feeling.

I hear the bells of Christmas
Yes I really do,
I hear the bells of Christmas
And of Christmas I am a smiling.

© By Tom (



Christmas Musings --- Not Lonely

Beautiful morning, beautiful sunshine does rain in,
As it is Christmas morning and I wonder what I will get?
For I have not been good.

The story is long, and could complicated be,
But it is my story and with it I must live.
Never stopped for Christmas,
Never thought much about the Yule.

But this year, something has really hit me.
I spent all of my money on stuff for the kids at the home,
Bought each one, a toy of some kind.
And put my last tenner into the bell ringerís pot.

I am broke, sober but not sad,
For I do on this morning feel very good,
Feel like a real man, and no pangs have I,
But my stomach is growling and empty inside.

So I do walk down toward the other end of town,
When I hear a voice from above,
Hey there mister, yes I mean you,
Come on up and have a cup with me.

I look up and there on the fourth floor,
I do see a woman talking to me.
And so I go up and we have a cup,
And she does waffles feed me.

I thank her and start to go,
And she says, you donít think I know.
And I do say, know what?
And she says that you gave all to ones in the home.

I grinned and smiled at her.
And she said, please stay and eat with me.
And that was two years ago it was,
And now we are married and I have a home.

© By Tom (


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