Sights and Sounds of Autumn

Some trees are orange, red and gold, early they are changing,
Slight breeze see yellow leaves floating and wafting from the trees.
Ice upon the water bucket, plants all just smush
Fall has come and winter showed its hand
here in the high country land

Aspen trees bare of their leaves, gawky limbs so protruding,
Siberian elms show no change, just a deeper shade of green.
One six inch snowfall we have had, shorts and sandal in the closet,
Distinct sound of hail on the roof, nearly wakes one up, will sleet appear?

Flocks of Canada geese in a Vee stopping off on their way south.
How many will stay and winter here, how many continue on their way?
Meadowlarks not singing, are they too south heading?
Robins with their orange breast faded but they too have headed south.

'tis now the time when the rain has gone, snow is the precip media.
Yon mountain tops with a layer of white,
Slowly it will finds its way down on us.
The sights and sounds of fall are fading, old man winter is anxiously waiting.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

Sights and Sounds of Autumn

As autumn arrives with cooling air
And so hot desert it does grow fair
Branches start to drop all their clothing
Eastern birds come into town on wing

Cottontail rabbits wear thicker fur<
Colder winds across desert occur
Gathering into large groups are quail
This happens every year without fail

Hummingbirds flit into flowered shrubs
Snowbirds arrive in mobile home clubs
New faces we seem to see each day
Planning for autumn and winter stay

Wonder where lizards and ground squirrels go
As desert hot sun loses its heat glow
Migrating birds arrive in their time
Leaving home that is cold weather clime

By Sharon (ByGolly25@aol.com)

It's Autumn

The trees are shedding their garments
So they are feeling sad
yet they show us different colours
So they should be glad

such beautiful yellow and orange
which makes a lovely hue
making us a beautiful carpet
Along with gold and crimsons too

They do work hard in Summer
providing flowers galore
Now is the time for them to rest
We know it is their lore

so rest awhile till Springtime
while God warms the wintery earth
And when you do wake up again
It will be the end of dearth

By Dee(hampshiredoreen@hotmail.com)

Autumn Morning

A new season has just been born
The air is cool and leaves are brown
If you glance outside your window,
See colourful leaves falling down.
As each day the air is crisper,
While birds get ready for flight.
Not sure if they know the way,
Yet south they fly, towards the light.

I love walking in the woods,
As swaying in the breeze,
With their heads bowed down,
Stands the lonely trees
Whose colourful leaves
Go twirling, whirling all around
And like a warm blanket,
They cover the ground.

Autumn is a lovely season,
The best season of all,
The harvest has been gathered in,
As trees stand oh, so tall.
Apples too, fall from the trees,
While warm sweaters we do wear,
With the different colours of autumn,
These pleasures, we all can share.

By Dee(hampshiredoreen@gmail.com)

Fall in the West

Tinges of fall blow strong
Out on the west Texas borders,
Zinnias and hollyhocks hang in a while,
Cottonwoods still green the corridors.

It is old Father Bluster the herald with
Dust devils stinging school bounders,
Dark steel blue low hung skies
Meet ochre horizons far. far yonder.

Whistling winds changing hot to chill,
Fill houses for housewives' dusting,
Wind wafting smells of back-home food,
Wind twirling, wind rolling, wind mouth-gritting gusting.

By Norma(Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)

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