My Valentine

I like the things you do for me,
as nothing is too small.
You are my lover and my friend,
and I am walking tall.
I count myself as lucky
to have a husband like you.
You are always there for me.
no matter what I do.
50 years we have been wed,
and you have been so true.
so my message for you
on our Anniversary is
"Brian, I love you".

© By Doreen Hampshire (



Colours of Roses

Send me a RED rose
my love, and I am yours.
Just give me a PINK
then you'll make me think.
An ORANGE is fine,
I'll be enthusiastic all the time.
But a YELLOW one for me
can cause such jealousy.
and if you send PEACH,
then you are out of reach.
You can give me WHITE,
and your secrets will be alright.
A CORAL for desire
says your heart is on fire.
Yet I would be truly thankful
For a DARK PINK one.
But only send me
Then I know, our love is right.

© By Doreen Hampshire (




When love is strong,
When cause is sure
Commitment made,
Intent is pure

When all you are
Or hope to be
Is offered up,

When vows are made,
That won't be broke
A love promised,
You won't revoke

The essence of you,
- Gladly bled
No wonder
Valentines are red!.

© By Sandy Lee (



A Red Valentine

A red valentine decorated with lace
Big misspelled words of love on it's face
Grandma I love you it says to me
Bringing a smile for sure yessiree
There is nothing better I do say
Than love from a grandchild any day

© By Sharon(



Valentine Stuff

Round the big cardboard box,
We circled with tissue like a May dance,
Then pasted Hearts around its middle,
Each babe dropped in a red valentine,

Teacher hung red streamers,
And lovingly made cherry red punch,
Then to waving little pudgy hands,
Picked one child to draw one of the bunch.

“One for Johnny, one for Betts,
And a big red heart for Caroline,”
It seemed that all the little ones had one,
But where was mine - my red Valentine?


I forgave you, my dear, on Sunday,
You made it up on Monday,
Now I dance with you on Tuesday,
“My funny Valentine.”


Red is the color of my true love’s nose,
The love that on a red day, on knees proposed.
Today he sent me one red rose,
And tonight he will hug me oh, so close.


Valentines are red like a beating heart,
The wonder of a love that keeps on burning,
Valentines wear lace and jewels and beads,
But it’s the heart love that’s ever turning.


Roses are yes,
And violets are, too,
I love you the best,
Choo Choo Choo,


I wish I had a sugar heart,
A red one for Valentines,
With just those simple printed words.
Sweetheart will you be mine?

© By Norma (



Valentines are Red

She was not happy with me,
For at Christmas I gave her a small ring.
She thought it should have larger been,
Thought I should have spent a few grand.

So all of January, she sort of ignored me.
Then just the other day,
Strong and sweet she came on to me.
Hinting of Valentine’s Day.

She even went to the jeweler to tell them
What she wants?
I laughed as I was getting my watch fixed,
And the man showed me what she had picked out.

I swallowed hard, took a few breaths,
For that much money doesn’t grow on trees,
I nearly fell to my knees,
As the jeweler put a bug in my ear.

I got an advance on my wages,
Buying her a trip to Las Vegas.
Along with fifty bucks,
I was in debt up to my ears.

I gave it to her with a smile,
And told her to fly down there,
Win lots of money for us,
Then I can buy her a great big ring.

So she went, yes she did,
And she did not come back,
Now I am dating the lady in the library,
She thinks it great that I bought her a candy.

© By Tom (




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