After eating my Christmas dinner,
waiting to hear the Queen's speech.
I just sat down near the fire
and promptly fell asleep.

I am going back
Two hundred years ago.
There was no turkey then,
as most people were poor.
A two days holiday,
is all the folk got.
and what about presents?
Well! they didn't get a lot.
Nuts, apple and orange,
in a stocking would be found,
No one sent christmas cards,
as post men were not around,
Families would walk to church
on Christmas eve,
and hoped to see snow,
when it was time to leave.
Enjoying themselves to the full
besides the yule log's glow.
The rich people had trees,
and plants like mistletoe.
The Victorians introduced
A lot of Christmas cheer.
with customs passing on.
Year after year.

I awoke with a start,
Is it still Christmas Day?
Did I really see Christmas?
The Victorian Way.
Is Christmas so different,
From the years that have passed?
As Christmas is always special,
And may the magic always last.

By Doreen Hampshire (

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