It was a bleak, cold day,
Back in nineteen ought eight.
Everything went wrong,
And saddened was Kate.

Morning was blue,
Last night she'd had a date,
Samuel hadn't shown up,
Stood up was poor Kate.

School was rough, too,
She had failed on her test,
Kate had torn her cotton stockings,
Shall I tell you the rest?

When she got home that day,
She put on a pot for tea,
Chamomile for her nerves,
To settle down, you see.

As she looked out the window,
While heating the pot,
For just a moment,
Herself she forgot.

For there on the sill,
A bluebird sat peering,
Above the pot's whistling,
His song Kate was hearing.

Kate became all smiles,
He was a blue-coated angel,
Harbinger of happiness,
Pure, not like Samuel.

~ Norma ( ~
Copyright July 2004

Photograph by Paul (

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