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another farewell
but dreams on this eventide
will be heard at dawn

Lynn (

daylight sliding down
behind majestic mountains
night slowly rises

Doris (

slowly night appears
silhouette of western range
shown by setting sun

Mikey (

tendrils of red clouds
reaching for the setting sun
drifting out of reach

Else (

dark clouds overhead
Montana mountain at dusk
golden sun sets now

Tom (

a perfect evening
reflected in God's blue eye
watching over us

Joy (

last of day's sunshine
dropping into sleep behind
cloud darkened mountain

Sharon (

on haiku journey
same sky but all different
last sight of the day

susi (

beyond the sunset
another world beckons us
unknown adventures

Mary (

the last rays of light
blue abyss, my refuge tells
glory straight ahead

Phyllis Ann (

winterset of mind
makes life of only sunsets
faith brings mornings back

Bill (

the sun is setting
through the peephole in the clouds
and nighttime draws near

Paul (

the sun is sinking
too late for that great lunch date
have I been stood up?

Swampetta (

watching the sunset
fading slowly into dusk
leaving golden strands

Cara (

good and evil clouds
compete for tomorrow's dawn
man's perplexity

Norma (

sights dreams are made of
wonders awesome to behold
golden evening sky

Charline (

no painterís palette
can hold the heavenly hues
seen in some sunsets

RickMack (

into the big sky
night is flowing rapidly
sun bids us goodnight

Bob (

as day yields to night
twilight reaps harvest of gold
for spinning of dreams

Evelyn McCusker (

©September 2004

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