Iím underwhelmed, I have to say,
Having heard from each debater.
In fact, they leave me in dismay,
I still donít know who is greater.

George disarmed me with his soft drawl,
But John displayed Yankee aplomb.
Provable facts, I donít recall,
Yet surely there must have been some.

I will say they both dressed neatly,
And behaved like gentlemen, too.
I must have missed it completely,
If they covered anything new.

What have we gained from this debate?
Can we now vote with confidence?
Weíve heard, too, from each running mate,
Not much wisdom did they dispense.

Each claims that he can do much more
For us than can the other guy.
In that case, I see a tied score,
For their promises, one canít buy.

Theyíre politicians, after all,
And fibs make up each resume.
So, Iím undecided this fall -
It seems Iím always left that way.

~ Richard McCusker (jotoma@bellsouth.net)

© Art by Richard McCusker (RickMack) (jotoma@bellsouth.net)
© October 2004



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