"Hello there, here I am, demure behind my calico,
Laura Ashley would be most proud.
Iím a little embarrassed about the silk tulips, tho,
Among all the posies planted in luscious loam.

"Did you know I once had a lover?
He left me for open corn fields,
His straw hair and tattered coat his cover,
So handsome and brave against crows and chills.

"Not me! For I am a lady! Shielded by glass from the weather.
A touch of class for all the shoppers of
Marigolds and hostas and heather.
They amuse me under my straw bonnet,
All dreaming of English and old fashioned gardens...

"But wait!
No, No! Look at that lad,
Oh, that a big voice I had!
Donít, donít pick the mint and mums,
Iíll tell your mother - sheíll make you come.

"Oh, now, here comes that sweet young couple,
Who owns the little cottage uphill.
God, always keep them safe in Your garden,
Let them know none of earthís ills.

"Do you like my denim skirt?
Itís not really vintage, I'd wink.
That artsy craftsy Mrs. Chester,
Whipped it up on her Singer, I think.

"Flower shoppers pass me and smile,
Sometimes stop and linger a while.
I hope none will take me home.
I love the smells of lavender and loam.

"Well, now itís twilight and Iíve shared with you.
The lovely work I was created to do.
Do you wonder when the moon comes out,
If dolls like me are gadding about?"


~ Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)
October 2004






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