The newlyweds pitched their tent at Silver Lake Campground. After laying out their sleeping bags and preparing for their week's stay, they decided to go walking along the shore. As they stood near the water and gazed out across the shimmering lake, they thought they saw something moving in the water. He went back to get the binoculars while she waited for his return. Just then, the movement became more pronounced and she could see it was something unusual. She became frightened and started to run back up the path toward the camp.

Stumbling, she fell to the ground. Something grabbed her and started dragging her back toward the water. She struggled, but it kept dragging. She screamed.

Soon she was in the water being dragged further out into the lake. She was terrified and continued struggling, but to no avail. A rope seemed to have somehow gotten tangled around one of her ankles, and something was pulling on the rope, dragging her across the lake.

Just as she was about to be dragged into the deep water, she thought she heard a woman laugh and shout.

"Ha! I told him this marriage wouldn't last, and he didn't believe me."

When her new husband got back with the binoculars she was nowhere to be found. He aimed the binoculars at the lake and saw nothing. He looked around, trying to find her on the path, or in the bushes. He shouted her name, but he could not find her.

He went back to the ranger station and put in a missing person report. Searchers spent days looking for his lost bride. A week passed and her dead body was found many miles down the lake by two fishermen.

The man was devastated. His true love was gone forever. He comforted himself by starting to date the woman he had gone with before he met and married his wife. They dated for more than a year when he met another woman and again fell in love.

His old girlfriend told him. "It will never last."

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