Two orange crates topped with a board,
And a pitcher of lemonade,
A huge sign, not to be ignored,
Told people a dime must be paid.

It was a bargain at that cost,
On a sweltering afternoon,
Set up where two major streets crossed,
As soon as the schools closed in June.

The children took turns at the stand,
In which six kids had invested.
From ten until three it was manned -
Moms gave them ice when requested.

Though it wasnít a bitter drink,
It left a hint of aftertaste,
The youngsters served yellow and pink,
And never a drop went to waste.

Nothing like it on a hot day,
And business was always brisk.
Income taxes they didnít pay,
But were willing to run that risk.

~ RickMack ( ~

©August 2004

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