The body is tired, sort of aches,
Good and deep sleep did not come.
Hand hurts, is so stiff,
Body just ran out of juice.

Hot yesterday, oh yes,
Finished second race, it was 103,
Hot and dry,
Mesquite is.

Quiet and cool in the early morn,
Tractor working on the track,
Water-truck laying it down,
Soon it will be dusty again.

Dog barking, wants to walk,
Early morning thoughts are lost.
Sitting here eating grapefruit and a banana,
Coffee is dripping, will soon be done.

Do I use the 'hurt hand' excuse
And not ride, just go up the road?
Or do I test it out, ride until I do prove?
In the heat, in the running, better get my gear on.

~ Tom (

ŠAugust 2004

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