Look what the neighbors
Left at the door.
A large bag of eggplants.
We didn't need more.

Here comes my cousin,
Baseball bat sized zucchini
Try to look grateful,
Don't act like a meanie.

Now here's the in-laws
Tomatoes, large and red.
Brought me a bushel
They weigh more than lead.

The fridge is so packed
We threw out the meat.
To make room for the corn
That we don't want to eat.

And melons and pumpkins
We have all that stuff.
Please bring us no more
Enough is enough!

All of our neighbors and friends
Have become so agrarian.
So out of politeness,
We are total vegetarian!

~ Swampetta(SWAMPETTA@aol.com)

ŠAugust 2004


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