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Gladioli grew in abundance,
In the center of Washington Park.
People passed by them without a glance,
For flowers only bloomed after dark.

The two groundskeepers couldn’t explain
Why such a phenomenon occurred.
Night after night they blossomed again -
Horticulturists found it absurd.

In daylight the flowers would shut tight,
With their bright petals all tucked away.
Finally, they installed a bright light,
That turned the darkest night into day.

An interesting experiment,
With the landscapers surprised to find
That the wrong gladioli were sent,
For these were all the night blooming kind.

But a solution was soon at hand,
When was erected a canvas tent.
Inside, the spectacle was just grand,
If the visitors squinted and bent.

~ RickMack (jotoma@bellsouth.net)

© Photograph by Lynn Shaw (lynnws@ntelos.net)

©August 2004


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