She has a lovely family who cares for her so much.
They still remember her gentle touch.

Ms. Emily was a brilliant teacher for 35 years.
She won many accolades and heard many cheers.

Her body is still in good condition for her age.
Her mind, however, is in a state of deterioration and rage.

Why has this terrible disease come upon this dear soul?
On her once useful mind, it has taken its toll.

She can't dress herself, feed or care for her needs.
A nursing home is where she will spend the rest of her days in spite of her family's pleads.

They visit her daily with fresh clothes and tender caresses.
She doesn't know to whom they direct their addresses.

A blank look is all they see on her once beautiful face.
This Alzheimers has left her memory of them without a trace.

She wanders from hall to hall throughout the day.
Everyone is kind and helpful to her dismay.

Alzheimers is a disease of lonely rejection.
It is a cause for deep reflection.

We must find a cure and quickly for all of the new cases to come.
There will be far too many in total and sum.

It may be you, a relative or friend.
Give for the cause, a mind to mend.

~ Phyllis Ann (

ŠAugust 2004

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