Petunia Gladioli was a beautiful and innocent maiden who had all the boys in town vieing for attention. Her father, knowing what a beauty she was, kept her protected in a walled garden. He thought she was safe from the wiles of the young men about town.

Petunia Gladioli was only seen when she attended church with her family. And that was enough to hold the interests of the lads. But none were good enough for her, thought her father. This resulted in a very lonely life for Petunia. She yearned for companionship of her own age group.

One day, a famous painter came to town. He heard about the beauty of Petunia Gladioli and decided that he would like to paint her. But when he heard how protective her father was, he knew he had to formulate a plan to see her.

He went to the local builder and had a tall ladder designed. Then he loaded the ladder onto his van and drove to The Gladioli home. There he rigged a rope to his painting supplies and climbed the ladder to the top of the wall, where he sat and waited for Petunia to enter the garden. When he saw her, he decided that painting her was not enough. He wanted her for his wife. But for now, he reasoned, he would be satisfied to simply paint her portrait.

She saw him sitting on top the the wall one day and decided to give him something really great to paint. She stripped off her clothing and posed, sitting rather suggestively on a rock while he painted her.

Several weeks went by before the artist got the painting exactly as he wanted it. When it was finished, he took the painting to the local museum where it was put on display.

Some of the townspeople told Petunia Gladioli's father about the painting in the museum and when he saw it, he was shocked. He decided that his lovely daughter had been compromised. He went to the painter and insisted that he marry Petunia to make things right. Little did he know, that this was what the painter and Petunia had wanted all along. They decided not to enlighten him.

The two got married and moved away to a rather large city, where they could have a life away from her controlling father. They were very happy and the painting still hangs on the wall of the museum.

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ŠAugust 2004

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