Glittering little watering can,
Not so long ago I found you,
Among my motherís gardening tools,
Rusted, bent, lonely, abused.

To honor you dear mother,
And your love for glorious flowers,
It was a pleasure all mine
To find glittering glass in blossom colors.

To cement them there in illumined array,
A stunning compliment to any bouquet,
A gardening lover could compose,
As they tenderly water their beds.

Now little can you may stand proud,
To honor a lady who to her family,
Was no less than Lady Liberty
And will always be.

~ © Poem by Norma(

The funky art watering can was done by artist and photographer Donna Tyler. You can view more of her art and photographs by clicking on this url. Posie118:Community Webshots

©August 2004

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