The scents of early childhood
Stay with me still today
The wonderful smell of baking bread
And the smell of new mown hay
The smell of the barn on Granpa's farm
And the feather beds we slept upon
I remember a freshly turned garden
The scent of the growing flowers
The earthy smell of the hanging grapes
Under the arbor where I'd sit for hours
There was the smell of mothballs in Autumn
When mother got out winter coats
And the smell of the leaves when burning
As the smoke on the air would float
The smell of the bath on Saturday night
Then the corn popping was such a delight!
Oh the scents from the kitchen on Sunday
When company came to eat
Whether roast beef, ham or chicken
The smell of them just couldn't be beat
On Mondays wash done with bleach and soap
And sheets dried on the clothesline rope
The smell of chalk when the teacher wrote
The smell of Vick's when we had a sore throat
The dew-wet grass in the yard where we laid
To look at the stars in the heaven God made
These scents bring me memories everyday
Of a childhood so long ago and far away.

~ susi Taylor ( ~
ŠJuly 2004

Photograph by Paul (

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