Down in Corn Cob County, The boys were 'sittin' 'round the stove.

What's the biggest story you've ever told?
Can't recollect 'jest' how many, ain't got time, my 'Jo's' 'gettin' cold.

"Eb, how many you thunk up, says Lem?"
"Reckon, too many, could be a sin".

'Member the time we played cards till 3 am down at the dock?
Ma thought we was fishin, and we almost got caught.

We went down to the store and bought that fish from Billy and Fletch.
She thought that was quite a catch.

Uh huh, I never told my Ma what we done.
She woulda' took a switch to me, and I can't run.

Well, got to go, my old lady will be lookin for me for sure.
She thinks I'm at doc's place gettin the cure.

Ain't fitten that a fellers got to think up all those stories,
But ain't that the fun and half the glory?

~ Phyllis Ann(

©September 2004

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