Sam Sunflower was tall and handsome
He wore a dark brown cap.
Theresa Thistle thought herself ugly,
But longed in her heart to close their gap.

So trying was it from day to day,
To see this handsome soul,
No other flower claimed Sam
No one, and soon summer would turn cold.

Fall winds would soon come to twist them,
Theresa Thistle would lose some of her dress,
And Sam Sunflower would be bending over,
Oooh, so close - would Theresa be pressed?

At first, the warm fall breezes
Fell on Sam's face before cool turning
And wonder of wonder, Sam saw her,
And began a strange unknown yearning.

He prayed when the winds turned around,
They would blow him closer to Theresa,
And that's just what happened one Monday,
Now, a new flower grows called Sunistle.

~ Norma (


September 2004

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