I am here to watch the sea. The wind stirs it to froth and throws it at the sands.

There was so much to see when the breeze blew warm and the air was sunny.

Little children climbed on me, spread thier towels on me to dry. I held them close and made them feel safe. They jumped on me and laughed.

Oh how I loved them!

They went home several weeks ago and left me here.

There were the young men and women who came here to me. They would watch as the sun set and left the purple swirls in the sky. So many of them were loving as only the young can love. As if tomorrow will never come and there is only this moment in time. I kept them close to me. I listened to the promises that were made and some were even kept. So many marked me as their "Special Place".

And I felt that I was indeed special. I was the witness to the love they had found.

Then they had to leave.

Some of the older people stayed a bit longer and they would come and keep my from getting lonely. Some were alone and would sit and remember when they had made promises to others who they loved. They would look up at the clouds as if seeking a face. Sometimes, I think they did see who they longed for.

One man would come every day, rain or shine, and brought a fishing pole with him.

He would sit and stare at the waves. As if he could see them in the water and didn't need to catch them. He just wanted to send them his regards. Once in a while a dolphin would jump into the air. He would applaud that dolphin and I am sure that the dolphin knew that. He and the fish had their own love story.

The wind turned cold and mean. Very few people came near me. Days would go by and I saw no one except the sea birds. The gulls and I would share a laugh or two.

Now and then, a crab would wave to me and then skitter back to the crashing surf.

No one sat with me anymore. The wind cut like a razor and it told of what would come.

I wait for the first snow flake to come and visit me.

~ By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)


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The featured photographed was taken by Swampetta while visiting in Clearwater, Florida.