Ah, the Dugan's truck that came by every day with delicious cakes, buns and bread! It wasn't that long ago, was it?

I recall the first washing machine. Remember the little cloth packet of "bluing" that you tossed in to make the clothes really white?

We bought a TV set in 1950. It had a small round screen. Neighbors came in to watch wrestling matches. I was a teenager and enjoyed watching the wrestlers throw each other around.

I vaguely recall the iceman hauling a large cake of ice up to our apartment, and having to empty the drip pan.

Trolley cars! What fun they were, especially the open-air ones! Why were they ever replaced with smelly buses?

Riding the Staten Island Ferry and pretending I was on a cruise.

Making a scooter out of an old crate and roller skate wheels.

Going to the Automat and sticking coins in the slot to get a sandwich and a slice of pie.

Sitting in the childrens' section of the movie theater every Saturday afternoon, with the matron patrolling the aisles with her flashlight.

Sitting in the balcony when I got older, in the last row, pretending to fight off the boys who got fresh.

Boys behind me dunking my pigtails into the inkwell.

Playing stoop ball and hop scotch.

Going to the chicken market to pick out a live chicken, see it killed and defeathered. I can still smell the awful stench.

Mama's meatballs bubbling in the pot of sauce every Sunday.

The fun of having aunts, uncles and cousins who lived nearby and were always there for you.

~ Frannie (Frannie516@aol.com)

November 2004


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