Two-story houses lined both sides of the street,
Folks walked up and down the sidewalks their neighbors to greet.

Coal soot lay on top of the new fallen snow,
As children made their way to school with books in tow.

The weather was cold as the children's breath you could see,
And booted feet trudged along the walks making tracks much to their glee.

Birds hopped along looking for some crumbs,
And little hands in mittens were quite cold and numb.

Snowballs filled the air as romping boys did play,
And for their mischief after school they did stay.

The smell of wet wool filled the classroom air,
As children piled mittens on radiators pair after pair.

Shoes stuck in boots made the teacher grow tired,
But she never lost her patience or had to be fired.

At 3:15 the dismissal bell did ring,
And teacher all the mittens did bring.

Little feet donned boots once more,
And getting dressed was quite a chore.

Tired little school chums trudged homeward bound,
Across the snow laden walks without a sound.

Moms in doorways waited their little ones to greet,
All cold and snowy from the frosty winter street.

The house smelled of supper, and the heat felt good,
Mom in her apron your day understood.

A smile on her face and a warm hug and kiss,
Made you know you were missed.

Tucked into bed with the covers up tight,
Children nestled down for the cold November night.

The furnace below gave off a red glow,
And made the house warm against the November snow.

Morning brought Mom in her bathrobe to wake up sleepy heads,
And a hot, hearty breakfast was waiting as we hopped out of our beds.

The winter ritual began our new day,
Another cold walk to school, what can I say?

~ Phyllis Ann (


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