Cousin Ann’s house, near my old home place,
Is nestled in the woods and it was a grace
To be greeted with unbridled southern hospitality
By Ann, Martha, and Therese, my cousins three
It was nothing less than pure, wholesome bliss
To visit, talk about old memories and reminisce.
About being ‘double cousins’ and our childhood years,
Our parents hopes for us and our school-day peers.
The past, the present and the future filled the range
Of our recollections of how things have changed

Together we stepped across two “welcome” mats.
First, at Carolyn and Bill’s and their house of cats.
Cousin Millie wined and dined us with great rapport
As Cousin Junior fed us with helpings of family lore.
It was ten days of bliss and shooting the breeze
While the scent of privet blossoms made us sneeze.
We’ve all seen childhood, youth and adulthood pass
Ebbing through time’s unrelenting hour glass
How swiftly, it seems, the years have flown
Scarcely here, then even as we speak, already gone.

What a gift it is that we love one another
Not as “cousin,” but as “sister” and as “brother.”
We are all family, each a link in a chain
Now, as we join our hearts, let us maintain
The spirit of our stalwart ancestors’ hopes and fears
And their untold hours of joys and tears
I hope you agree that it is by some grand design,
That in this land of kudzu and honeysuckle vines,
We are fortunate to lay claim to the same pedigree–
Each a unique leaf on our pioneer family tree!

With all of my very best love,
Cousin Evelyn
May 2004
© 2004 Evelyn L. McCusker

~ Evelyn (



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