Frannie went out at 9:00 this morning and didn't come back until 5:30. She left me alone on this beautiful October day. The windows were closed and I couldn't hiss at the squirrels that scampered by. The sliding door in the kitchen was shut tightly and I couldn't hear the birds singing on the patio.

When I realized she wasn't coming back soon, I knew I had to amuse myself. Frannie left the computer on and I found the PetCo web site and ordered myself a new kitty condo. I chose the blue one to match my eyes. I think she'll be pleased when it's delivered next week.

I pussyfooted into the kitchen. The sun's rays were hitting the kitchen table, so I found a comfortable spot to stretch out between the silk hydrangea and sea green candlesticks. I think I added some class to her tabletop arrangement. I dozed there for an hour or so and then realized that I could reach the top of the refrigerator in one leap. After baking in the sunshine, the top of the refrigerator was cool, and the view was outstanding. Everything looks much different from a high vantage point. I came down from the refrigerator and stopped to have lunch. She left me some marinated salmon and it was delicious. She does feed me well.

Still bored and wondering what to do next, I noticed that the bathroom door was open. She NEVER leaves the bathroom door open when she's out. I stalked in cautiously and inspected everything. The lace shower curtain would be so easy to climb if I had my claws intact. But I amused myself by hiding between the lace curtain and the plastic liner. There was a spider in the tub and I ate him for dessert. The lid to the toilet was closed, but I could stand on it and reach the shelves above. I poked around in a bowl of scented guest soaps, but they didn't hold my interest. Leaping toward the sink, I played with the dripping faucet and washed my face. That's when I spotted her toothbrush. I was never able to get this close to it, so I sniffed it carefully. It had a pleasant minty aroma, so I thought it would be good to chew on. Perhaps it would get rid of the fishy taste in my mouth from the marinated salmon I had for lunch.

Having inspected everything, I felt sleepy and curled up on her bed. She found me snoozing when she came home.

"Oh, TomCat, how's my sweet kitty? Did you have a nice day? I missed you so much," she cooed at me. "How's my big boy? Did you miss your Momma?"

It's going to be cold tonight, and I'll need to snuggle up with her. Please don't tell her all the things I did while she was out. I don't want her to lock me out of the bedroom. I'm really afraid she will notice the smell of salmon on her toothbrush. Let's hope not.

~ Frannie (


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