The items found in the trunk
Memories from forgotten past.
Well, well, who’d a thunk?
Now, we finally know at last!

Street urchins, we accused
Of having stolen the garden gnome
As through the items we perused
The gnome, at last, has returned home.

”Slow down”, my sister said.
As we went through Uncle Grover’s trunk.
Missing items, an old doll’s bed,
All sort of other assorted junk.

Budget Limits had put constraints
On Uncle Grover’s strange hobby.
Handcuffs, and some kinky restraints?
Ashtrays from the Hilton’s lobby.

Grandma's recipe book we found,
And her recipe for elderberry wine.
And more we found, as we looked around
Some things of hers, and some of mine.

“Where did it go?”, I had wanted to know
When I couldn’t find my hula hoop.
That had been many years ago,
Now I know the complete scoop.

”Put away for safe keeping
But, I can't find it now.”
At it’s loss, sis had stopped weeping,
But here is her porcelain cow!

Under the patchwork quilts
More treasures made an appearance.
Momma’s wok, a pair of stilts.
A dozen Altoids cans of spearmints!

Plastic goblins from Aunt Jo’s door,
We looked all the material over.
Several things we’d ne’er seen before.
All in the trunk of old Uncle Grover!

Tomorrow is a fresh, new start.
To Goodwill, we’ll bring all the junk.
No one will know, our selves apart.
Grover a klepto? Who’d have thunk?

~ Paul (



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