Thereís a camouflaged and secret road
That leads to a very special place,
Where, from the trees, honey-like sap flowed,
And wild juicy berries filled each space.

Lemonade ran from a hidden spring,
And candy canes grew along its banks.
Leaves in the breeze like carillons ring,
As sweet-seeking insects all give thanks.

A profusion of flowers abound,
With petals that taste of peppermint,
Rocks made of chocolate can be found,
And, of licorice scent, thereís a hint.

Itís here that ice cream will never melt,
And one canít name every flavor.
Grass is the softest youíve ever felt,
Dandelionsí taste is to savor.

Iím afraid itís a place you wonít find,
For the secret road is well concealed.
Yet, if you picture it in your mind,
All its pleasures will then be revealed.

~ RickMack (

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July 2004


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