Perfidious wind,
fickle hearted you blow.
Blustering first north then east,
ever changing your mind.

Dancing fandangos cross fields,
rattling cornstalk castanets
with your gusts.
Startling deer and rabbits,
both too timid for your wild gypsy ways.

Blowing threadbare clouds
in ragged patches
to cover a stony mountain's
naked elbows.

Willful capricious current,
a prankster embarrassing the willows.
Billowing their long green skirts,
exposing their pale knees.

You kiss the cheeks of lovers
until they blush pink
from you attention.

You are airy exuberance
trailing high in the branches,
whispering delicious
chilly secrets
in my ear.

You whistle madrigals
around the eaves at evening
and howl
like wild starving dogs
as you cross the plains.
Such is your power
eternal mystery.

you blow

~ Sharon (

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