Holiday pies were lined up on the counter, brought there by Kate, Judith, and Wilma, sisters. The family gathering for Thanksgiving was in full swing. Everyone was in the dining room gorging themselves on turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, and various salads that each of the relatives had brought as their contribution to the holiday feast.

The deserts would be served later, after everyone's stomachs had time to settle down from all the heavy eating. Once filled, many of the family were heading outside to walk off the heavy meal.

Paper plates, paper cups, and plastic utensils were discarded. Leftovers were bundled carefully and stored in the refrigerator for safe keeping. The men had already gone outside, and the women soon followed. Most of the children were already outside at play.

Much later, Uncle Joe suggested that it was time for pie. The men all agreed. The women headed into the kitchen to slice up the pies and put them on paper plates. The family could then come in at their convenience and get a piece or two of pie. Only there appeared to be a problem.

When Kate, Judith, And Wilma entered the kitchen, there was a collective gasp, as they gazed upon the mess. Each pie had gouges in them, from small fingers which had dipped in and left a tell-tale gully. Someone had been tasting each pie. Who could it have been?

It wasn't hard to discover the culprit, or I should say culprits. When the sisters walked around the house, they discovered five-year-old Sally and seven-year-old Billy with sticky fingers, hiding behind the living room sofa. Guilty grins peeked out from pie-smudged faces.

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