I have the utmost respect for our brave soldiers. My father was a WWII vet. I admire their love of family and country and their willingness to die for it. I wonder if the current war is really for freedom or political. Is it based on right or greed? I wonder?

There is an internal war going on in this country, but there are no soldiers to defend the rights of those who have and may have to suffer as a result. There is no one to defend the minimum wage earner who is struggling to make ends meet. There is no white knight in shining armor to rescue the young lady who thinks her right to an abortion is between her God and her conscience instead of dictated by the Federal Government. Now we have a new definition of separation of Church and State. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the right, our morals are not an affair of the Federal Government. Do we want to go back to the way the Roman Empire was governed? Do we want a dictatorship or a democratic society? We want rights for other countries, but what about our rights? Should we be defended against the big prescription drug companies who are making it impossible for Seniors and low income families to get medicine?. Are we becoming a society of rich and poor? Should our jobs be outsourced to foreign countries for the profit and greed of big business? We are making the government of China rich. Have we forgotten who they are? Will they turn on us when they become bigger and better than us? Even our fish is coming from China now. Chicken of The Sea salmon from Thailand, read the labels at your nearest Wal-Mart Superstore. The latest is the text books in Texas now being rewritten to support the view of the party in power. This is a large text book manufacturer with lots of clout. The books will not just be in Texas schools but find their way across the U.S. Are we going to raise a generation that believes that everyone should be of the persuasion of the government? Will they commit hate crimes because people who are different from themselves are said by the president to be wrong. It this freedom? Where will it end? Will ethnic groups have to live in fear once more because they are not “mainstream” conservative America? Is health care only for the rich? Does the color of ones skin, their sexual orientation or belief system determine their character? What price America? Who will defend our rights? It is said, “To the victor go the spoils”. I’m afraid something or someone is terribly spoiled.

I didn't mention the stem cell debate for the Christopher Reeves of this country nor the "No Child Left Behind", which mainly serves the advantaged and not the disadvantaged per school teachers I have talked to in areas where children are not advantaged.

This commentary was not meant to offend but rather to provoke thought.

~ © Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@msn.com)


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