A little boy lived at the start of the Ozark Mountains. He was inside his home, watching TV with his mom when he heard the doorbell ring. He rushed to the door, thinking someone might have come to play. But he heard three shots and saw his mom fall to the floor. He tried to get outside to help, but he felt a sudden, terrible pain.

This little boy was shot three times and lay there in the rain. A neighbor called for help, but the bad man was gone. The little boy's mom was in a coma, and not able to move anything. He knew he was next. He couldn't move.

Why does my step-daddy hate me so much? I tried to show him love.

They flew the little boy in a helicopter named Angel to the children's hospital. That was when the little boy realized he could not feel anything.

It has been a month now, and mom woke up. The little boy is paralyzed from the waist down. He cried to me. "Nanny, why did he hurt me?"

Sadly, I told him I didn't know.

He looked at me with a frown. Then he curled his fingers around mine and smiled. "At least we are alive," he said. God still performs miracles.

The little boy cried, "I don't want to go back home. That's where Mom and I almost died.

Home is too small for the little boy's wheelchair, and as dad sat by his side, someone made a phone call. We don't know who, but this is true: Firemen driving pickup trucks arrived at the scene and asked how anyone could be so mean? They looked at the small home, with its narrow doorways and said there was something they could do. The next day, they began to knock down walls and doors. They gave the little boy's home a makeover, so when they finished it had accessible doors and an accessible shower.

Yes, miracles still happen.

~ Betty (JCrowe5884@aol.com)


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