It was on July 1, 2003 that I went to live with Frannie. That means we are about to celebrate our one year anniversary together. I had come from a home that was rented to two young college boys. They were a lot of fun to live with and I was just a kitten, full of spunk and inquisitiveness. When the boys finished college and moved on with their lives, I went to live with Frannie. How we got together is a long story, but we took just one look at each other and fell in love. I sidled up to her, licked her fingers and rubbed her ankles. Then I looked up at her with my pretty blue eyes and smiled. She couldn't resist me and she took me home.

I've learned a lot living with Frannie. I've learned to keep regular hours, no all-night carousing with the college crowd. Now that I'm 2-1/2, I've settled down a bit, so living with an older lady is very comforting and restful—except when she's on a streak with the vacuum cleaner in one hand and Windex in the other. Then I stay out of her way. I still like to "attack" her as she walks past, nipping at her bare toes. She screams and sprays me with a water bottle. So I nip her again and she swats me with the newspaper. That's our early morning routine and I know she loves it.

Frannie has a learned a lot from me. I really think she has had the best year of her life because I've taught her so much. Watching me curled up on the sofa, she has finally learned to relax. I join her when she takes a nap and she is soothed by the sound and vibration of my purring. She doesn't realize it, but my fine sense of hearing picks up the small sighs and sweet murmurings she makes as she strokes my fur. I think I'm responsible for lowering her blood pressure considerably.

Frannie has learned from me how to have fun. She has learned to chase whatever amuses her and to hang on for dear life when it's caught. The opportunity may not come again. Every day is a new adventure. Nothing is ever taken for granted. Pleasure comes from small things. While I sniff catnip and play with my furry toy mousies, Frannie sucks down root beer floats and plays with the computer.

I've taught her that it's more important to enjoy every moment, no matter what others think. If you roll over and accidentally fall off the bed, just lick yourself off and pretend it was part of the plan. Act aloof and no one will ever know you screwed up.

Frannie always takes my side. When friends come to call and notice cat hairs on the sofa, Frannie tells them, "The cat lives here and you don't, so if you don't like what you see, go home."

Yes, I've had a good year with Frannie. I think she has enjoyed having me around.

~ Frannie ( ~
© July 2004

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