I'm glad that God brought you into my life.
All of you.
What changes in me hast thou wrought?
All of you.
Who brought me to where I am?
All of you.
I knew you, I know you.
All of you.
You've marked my days, determined my ways,
sparked my fire, lent desire,
all of you.

I owe my lives to you,
the lives I've lived,
giving here, taking there
from all of you.
Now how repay you for the way you've been to me?
Such a task is more than I can ask to give
to all of you.

For all your love, all your care,
all your comradeship so rare'
all your understanding,
I cannot repay;
so I say to all of you,
"My thanks,
my love,
my very best to you
in all you do-----
all of you".

~ Jack (Lenasjack@aol.com) ~
July 2004






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