A two story house, with porch wrapped around,
The design was that of early decay.
Reverberating in the yard, the sound
Of exuberant children still at play.

The Baxters, who lived here many years past,
Thirteen healthy children, happily raised.
In those days, such houses were built to last,
Its Victorian architecture praised.

To the nation they gave two of their sons,
Killed in the trenches of the First World War.
Much later, their youngest fell to the guns
Shelling the Normandy beach, Omaha.

Three daughters became nurses, tending well
To the medical needs of their neighbors.
The oldest girl was mayor for a spell,
Now as Senator Baxter she labors.

The other six youngsters all made out fine -
Some own businesses throughout the state.
None have the heart to raise a “For Sale” sign,
And demolition crews will have to wait.

~ RickMack (jotoma@bellsouth.net) ~
© July 2004



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