The inept Media seems to have great difficulty shedding light on the abundant and justifiable reasons why the U.S. should have taken on Saddam Hussein without further delay, overriding the U.N.’s $elf-$erving wish for interminable hesitation. Throughout our leadership, and regardless of political party, there have been many statements on the record that supported the march on Baghdad, despite the recent denials an election year fosters. Yes, in this nation there was widespread belief that Saddah Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, or the capability for compiling such an arsenal. Because a major cache of such weapons has not yet been found, this doesn’t mean the world had nothing to fear from Iraq’s long-term tyrant.

Immediately after the attack on the World Trade Center, President Bush vowed that this nation would go after terrorists and those who support terrorism. It should be clear to anyone, who will take time to view the facts, that Saddam Hussein had set himself up as a prime target in this regard. For security reasons, all the facts can’t be known outside of Intelligence circles, but here are some obvious facts that the average citizen should know:

  1. Saddam Hussein encouraged and rewarded the terrorist acts of suicidal bombings (murders) by members of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Martyr’s Brigade and Hezbollah, as well as by crazed fanatics too far gone to align themselves with any particular group. Each successful attack gained the families of these dead fanatics $25,000 from Iraq’s coffers controlled by Saddam Hussein. Can there be clearer proof that the man supported terrorism? This act alone made him a legitimate target for the U.S. to attack on the basis of President Bush’s promise.

  2. Looking back to the hijacking of the Italian cruise liner, Achille Lauro, during which an innocent cripple in a wheelchair was killed merely because he was an American Jew, we find Saddah Hussein granting the deranged leader of that Palestinian terror group asylum in Iraq. Birds of a feather flock.

  3. Saddam Hussein provided aid and comfort to al Queda members in Iraq. With Saddam Hussein’s blessings, the chief Iraqi operator of al Queda was brought to Iraq from Afghanistan for medical treatment, after being wounded and losing a leg fighting coaliton forces there.

  4. In the Salaman Pac area of Iraq, Saddam’s government acquiesced to and supported a terrorist training base. Among other equipment used at this base, there were airplane fuselages, which were used specifically for terrorist training in hijacking aircraft.

  5. In northern Iraq, there were other terrorist training bases as well. These were used in the training of the al Queda terrorist group, Asar al-Islam. The use of chemical weapons was high on the list of terrorist methods explored there. Saddam Hussein had full knowledge of what went on in these terrorist training camps.

  6. Some time ago, as the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, now acknowledges the Russian secret service had warned President Bush about pending Iraqi attacks against the United States. Saddam Hussein was a dangerous enemy of this country. Even the unenlightening Media reported this information recently.

  7. Although it might be considered a petty thing, a mosaic rendering of the first President Bush, was set into the floor of a major hotel entrance in Baghdad. To lay one’s foot on the image of another is the ultimate insult in Iraq. Certainly, this was a message endorsed by our nation’s enemy, Saddam Hussein. Should the most powerful nation on the planet turn the other cheek to such an insult, clearly directed to all Americans, if directed to our elected leader. Could the elder Bush help but feel he had left a job undone by not putting an end to Saddam Hussein’s evil regime? This, added to more momentous facts, lent even more weight to the conviction that it was time for that tyrant to go. Mass graves filled by Saddam Hussein further support the coalition’s action in Iraq.

    If these facts, in light of what happened on 9/11 in this country, aren’t seen as a clear mandate for the action President Bush authorized against Iraq, I suggest the reader question his or her allegiance to America. It should be noted that Libya’s daffy Khadaffi is having a change of heart regarding his support of terrorism. No doubt he sees himself as painted by the same brush as Saddam Hussein. The picture that he sees is red and white circles with a bullseye in the center. This speaks volumes of the wisdom and timing of our dealings with Iraq’s former leader.

    Eight hundred of this country’s valiant warriors have been killed in the Iraq action, but it was not for nothing. Callous though it may be to consider, never in the history of warfare have so few performed such a heroic task for their fellow countrymen. Every terrorist who dies in a foreign place is one who will never bring his evil and barbarous methods to our shores. May the families of these eight hundred stand tall and remain safe. Support our troops fighting for a just cause!


    ~ Richard McCusker (

    © June 2004



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