Sometimes there's a certain scent in the air
or a song on the radio as I drive
And I become lost in the fifties in my mind
as I wander thru the memories on which I thrive

That decade was the greatest in my life
Growing in body, growing up, and growing away
from the childhood and the high school years
leaving me just memories of "back in the day"

Such happy, unhappy, confusing yet clear times
Trying new things, changing fashion, finding love
New places, new friends, hellos and goodbyes
"Go to college" parents said with gentle shoves

The "cruises" "53 and 57" Chevy Bel Airs
Drugstores with their fountains and soda jerks
Pegged pants, Jarman Flyers, and skirts with poodles
Elvis Presley fans going berserk

The heartbreak of losing our American Pies,
Richie Valens, Big Bopper and Buddy Holly
Was bringing our decade to a saddened end
The sixties put a stop to our fun and folly

So, sometimes it's good to go back in time
Keeping all the memories in sight
And i'll listen to Ronnie Milsap as he sings
"Lost in the Fifties Tonight"

~ susi Taylor ( ~
July 2004



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