Old geezers sat on the
Old porch rocking chairs
Gossiping about people
Or giving them stares

Women talked over the
White picket fence
Gossip has gone on
for more years hence

Now nobody talks to
The neighbor next door
They chat with people
Far and aren't close anymore

They sit all alone in the
House in a computer chair
What happens outside
Is no longer their care

Nobody can see us in
An old raggedy shirt
Some go online and
Oh how they do flirt

Noone can see that we
Are homelier than sin
Or that we forgot to
Comb our hair again

Stangers from afar
Believe all the big lies
We waste away time
Until the time we die

But some of us can't
Get out and about
We can visit with people
And not hear them shout

If something is said that
We do not want to hear
We can shut off the machine
Without one single fear

~ Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com) ~
July 2004



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